Really Need Some Help

hey guys so to make a long story short, i was on my way home today from my hockey game going down 20A no traffic in front of me what so ever. I was doing 45mph (which is the speed limit fyi), staying behind the guy in front of me doing the 2 second rule, when he slams on his brakes for whatever reason. I was in my explore and i could not stop in time. I slammed on my brakes and slammed into him. My passanger air bag went off. Needless to say thank god im ok and so was everyone else involved. So we pulled off to the side to exchange information and such. The damage really wasnt bad at all for how hard i hit them. Now comes the part where i need help, does anyone know who/where i can go to get the airbag taken care of for a cheap price? i heard they go for a lot and when it comes to airbags you really need to know what your doing. does anyone on here know how to install and such? also the front bumper is shot, anyone know where i can get an 03 Blue Ford Explore front bumper? any help and advce at all would be great. thanks guys.

How about a junkyard

that was my first idea need to see

ford forums, if you buy one from a dealer theyre maddd expensive! i got mine from M&M for my neon when i got in my accident, FYI one of the guys driving those tractors around was a coke feeeeeeene and sold me the airbags for 50$, cause legally you cant, i didnt know this til a few months later =D

eGhey… You might also need to replace the control module also for it to actually work though, they are usually 1 time use items also

Ouch, glad to hear you’re alright. Thank god it wasn’t the STI

steve, go to a junkyard get a new airbag and control module. also try some ford forums, ebay. im sure there are a ton out there.

thanks for the advice guys, and if i was in the sti, i would have stopped on a dime and not have hit them haha

its illegal to sell airbags you may find one on ebay but it might get taken down, and it is illegal to buy them at junkyards, forums are your best bet

Check with the ford dealer…I think you may need to replace all the srs components, including seatbelt retractors.

Pretty easy to do if you are just replacing the passenger AB. Just plug and play…

I’d goto M&M, put it in your tool box, and forget you left it in there while you pay for the module.


WORD! NYS will only allow new airbags to be used buy a shop…

do you really need the airbag? it would be safer with it but lots of ppl/cars ont have them

idk im trying to figure it out

god you’re a fucking retard

if he EVER plans on having a passenger, YES. hello, liability what?

He was at fault. Why aren’t you going after his insurance?

not necessarily you rear end some one, its hard to prove you WEREN’T at fault

yea even tho it wasnt really my fault there no use trying to argue it bc i hit him from behind so im going to have to bite the bullet