is my eclipse totalled or not??

I got in an accident last night…some crazy 80 year old man pulled out infront of me and stopped…both air bags went off…windsheild is shattered…hood is dented…and there is some scratches to the bumper…frame might be bent a little, not sure on that yet…it is a 97 Eclipse GST with 94K…can i have your opinions please on wether or not you think it is totalled? thanks!

some people say if the bags go off, its a total loss. that used to kinda hold true, but the ins co’s dont seem to like paying out any more. best way to find out is to get the estimate and talk to the adjuster

your car couldnt be worth the bags… its a loss

From what I’ve heard, it’ll probably be a loss.

Which brings me to the question, why the eff are air bags so expensive if they are so common?


werd, they should just use those big ass punching balloons

Depends. Sometimes insurance companies think your car is worth more than what it is. I think they said my car was worth 7k. Right. I kind of wish it was totalled, but the damage wasn’t that bad and its feelbads aren’t hurt anymore so who cares.

i hate airbags…they hurt me pretty bad. do you have to have them in order for the car to be legal to drive? i’m guessing you do

FYI airbags are somewhere around $3k to get reset. i have all that paperwork from the mazda. chances are its gone.

KBB gave me a value of about 5500-6000 that your car is worth, it will be very close I think without seeing the damage… you could always buy it back if they give you the option or get it back from auction and then repair it, dont replace the bags and use the money elsewhere.

its most likely done for…just take the insurance money and put in on a down payment for an EVO or STI since u love AWD Turbo Cars

That sounds like a very intelligent thing to do in a car that’s daily driven.

^^i dont have airbags, and i only have rear wheel ABS. its a chance you take.

time to get an AWD DSM :slight_smile:

Glad you’re okay though

But your car didn’t come with air bags until years later. :slight_smile:

many cars out there that dont have them… and alot of them didnt for a very long time.

they offered bags in 97, mines a 95 and they didnt make 96’s. thats irrelevant though, she COULD just junk the bags, whats the difference? its just an assumed risk that shed be running. its not particularly stupid, how many other cars dont have airbags? am i stupid because i didnt get a 97 with airbags? no, i just dont care and im accepting the risk of getting in an accident and getting f’ed up.

When Sam told me yesterday I freaked out. I am glad you are semi okay (minus the burns from the bag). Everything will work out just fine.

Thats terrible, I’m very sorry to hear this. Good luck :frowning:

Well, I guess anybody driving a car that didn’t have airbags from the factory is totally fucked. :roll2: