Totalled car Updated pics

So this lady cut me off and hit my car, her insurance said its totaled. Because of the frame damage. Whats next next anyone have this happen. Its a 95 eclipse gs-t with 152k on the body and 23k on the motor. Hood, fender, bumper, headlight, a/c i think powersteering too. The frame is hitting the water pump pulley and thats bent too. All the belts are rubbing each other and starting to shred. I only started it twice after and wont start it again, the horrible sounds coming from the engine bay. Worth keeping? I will try to get pics up when i get the car towed back to my house

95 eclipse? Thank god it’s now off your hands. Move on.

take the 10 bucks its worth and be happy.

I really liked the car, it was quick and nice

With that many miles on the body though?? If you really want one it might be worth taking the insurance money and trying to find another.

theres no rust at all and 2 minor dings, in the hatch and the rear quarter. Easy fixes.

Are you OK?

these are all VERY good suggestions, you should listen to them.

yea im fine other than a sore neck. More pissed off because he didnt even look before she turned. I just got the car 2 weeks prior. I didnt even get the title in the mail yet

yeah, you just got lucky, take the money and run

if you’re ok then I would take the money and say goodbye to the car. just start looking for something to upgrade to, then you won’t miss this one at all

You only owned it 2 weeks, this might have been a blessing in disguise ;). All jokes aside, ultimately it’s your decision but I still say you’re better looking for another car.

yea i just talked to sal, he gonna help me find a new shell… I mean a low mileage motor i cant let go of.

sucks, but just get another one its not like they are rare and you wont be able to find another

Buy it back from the insurance, pull the motor and part the rest out

I would look into buying something that’s actually fast now with the $$$.

Glad you are OK, good luck in the search.

Thats what I would do/did.

Now find a GSX or TSi AWD.

get the cash, buy back the car for 10% (or whatever the ins co wants within reason) find a popped motor GSX/TSi awd and drop it in.

or do that but get a blown motor, crap body GSX/TSi AWD and something light like a mirage hatch and get out the welder and saws. :slight_smile:


Or AWD Dodge Colt!!!

Which one is the gs-t again? The turbo front wheel drive?

What is special about the motor that makes it worth the trouble of buying back the car pulling the motor and swapping it?