rear disc conversion.complete.100 bucks. (integra,civic,crx)

i have complete e brake cables.rotors calipers pads,wheel hub and bearing-everythgin control arm.all there no spring or struts tho.
100 bucks or get me a gsr cluster for 95 teg

What exactly does this come with? your post is confusing.

Price- 100 bucks or get me a gsr cluster for 95 teg

complete swap
-wheel hub
-everything control arm.
-no e brake cable

all there no spring or struts tho.

Thanks for the translation.

Post up a picture, I may be interested.

ive been looking for an everything control arm but the everything control arm store is currently out of stock, where did you find these everything control arms?!?!

actually picked em up at ur mothers house.funny how pathetic a few of u guys or should i say children r on here.u spend more time on here talking shit than u do on building ur own cars.shit is fuckin histerical.

YOU are fucking histerical

what does a potential buyer have to do to get pics around here.

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doesnt sound to complete without an ebrake cable ya herrrrrrrrd mah?

Obviously nothing better to do…fag let people sell their shit if your not interested mind your own business wow

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$100? Thats a pretty good price. Bump for a nice upgrade for dumpy civics

you hit the nail right on the head.

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what kind of cluster? any mileage specific? pictures? trade for any other honda junk or anything in my for sale thread?

I am currently waiting on a shipment of “everything control arm.” Unfortunately Japan is far away, and I’am not baller enough for overnight shipping, it’s 'spensive y0.

I ordered a month ago still no eca’s

i see you guys are still waiting for real hondas too, ill email you 3/4 my horsepower in a ZIP file so you can actually have room to talk shit and make jokes…people like you and toughzip are the puerto ricans of the lot on SHIFT518…look at all your posts their stupid comments and “jokes” …this forum was ruined right when all you morons started replying with random comments and jokes and useless info…people cant even buy or sell stuff or discuss ANYTHING on here without an asshole butting in…thank you for whoever deleted those stupid posts (jokes) on the other thread where im tryin to sell my k20 block w/ITR pistons in it

Calm down. I’ve bought plenty of shit off of here and no matter how many “jokes” are in the thread, all the info is still in the original post. It doesn’t matter. Please don’t hurt anybody.

your comment in this thread made sense and was fine lol it just sucks this could be a gread forum if there wasnt so many idiots…save it for a different section this is the for sale/WTB section ya know…not a spelling be or english class