Remote Starter Help.....

well i just brought a new car and its a 1991 toyota tercel sedan. and it seems to have a remote starter install but i dont have the remote…so could someone help me locate what make and model the remote start is? this is what i know and what it said on the box

it has a semi A/F looking logo

like the one pictured.

Serial Number: Q01379
Date: Aug 2004
its in english and french

Also has F1 on it


it would be better just to buy a new one in to lone run… b/c you dont know if this one works or not till you get the remote that will take you forever to find …

or you should have just bought my car :gotme:

^^i asked you if you were selling yours u said NO…basically

Astro Flex


not that also…


Take a pic of the brain/wire harness and post it up.

Autocommand, Avital, and Astro Flex/Astro Start are really the only name brand systems that start with “A”.

i will get a picture tonight i also have another one its a viper one but i cant seem to find a remote or model number. i;ll post it up tonight when i get home.

got pictures need help asap!!!

bump still needs help

Ive never seen one of those, good luck finding a remote for it.

i have one of those at work ill check to see what it is on thurs.

thanks dirty hopefully u can resolve this fuckin problem lol

dirtye find out what it is?

dirty!!! where have u been!