Renaissance Fair

I went to the Renaissance Fair over the weekend.

damn was it nice.

didnt take enough pics cause once 12 hit and the beer
boths open up, it was all down hill from there.

some pics of the day:

dayum…pics look good ian…:tup:

Is that place located out near some rock/hiking place?

Its near oswego

I love all of the uber expensive handcrafted stuff

man im pissed i cant make it this year

how long is it going on for or is it over???

pic quality’s amazzzzzzing ian man.

wow… I havent been to a Renn fest in quite awhile… looks like it was fun.

nice pics man, thanks for posting em up :tup:

shit, i was right around the corner from there this weekend in the thousand islands… if i would have known this was going on this weekend i would have stopped in after diving.

great pics

1 Wench?? WTF!!! Good pics man

thanks guys for the comments

That guy reminds me of zer0daze

this pic is awesome. Do you alter your pics in PS to make the colors look so good, or is your camera just that good…?

i need to find a hat like that

damn where was it? and why was i not informed…lmfao this dude i know from hs use to wear that shit to school…one day he came in dressed in army fatigues from the revolutionary was, had the pack with the cooking stuff and pots and shit an everything…god he was wierd.

mostly the camera, i help it out in ps though some time.

Is this the festival in Sterling NY??

My parents went, lol.