revenge of the internet #465

cliffs: Guy buys ‘working’ laptop off ebay. turns out ot be broken, takes harddrive out of it and gets loads of sketchy sellers pics/files, creates site with all files and pics.

why the hell did I just read that, honestly… thats the guys own fault.

Love it…

that’s AWESOME haha. guy got owned.

totally owned thats wicked

thats the best thing ive ever seen when it comes to PWN3AGE!!!

Awww Linky no worky

link owned

you guys clicked on it too much and broke it

Damn I missed out on all the fun… :frowning:

Way to go guys! Why must you guys break everything?

This is why we can’t have nice things

Haha I wanted to say that when I read that. Beat me to it.

anyone surprised that the seller is brown?

Excuse me?

Excuse me?[/quote]

y? did u fart?

Excuse me?[/quote]

y? did u fart?[/quote]lol, no. lol

why would you expect him to be brown?