ricer steering wheels

well my airbag went off from my accident over the winter, and im just gonna replace it with one of those ricer steering wheels. How hard is the install? and what supplies will i need other than the steering wheel itself.

You’ll probably need a puller and a hub adaptor. Probably not too difficult.

Personally, I like the Grant steering wheels. Not too expensive, but good quality.


ahh… but… Joo will not pass inspection depending on the vehicle.

from a friend that use to do inspections before the new laws… airbags arent part of the inspection

you also might need a hub adaptor depending on the wheel that you choose

i like aftermarket wheels. like momo is teh shiz

Depends on the car… the s2k steering wheel comes off w/ a few torx and then a big 17mm nut i think… cant remember exactly what it was…

im looking to get rid of a used tenzo-r steering wheel if your interested

price? PM me

airbags definitely are not part of the inspection. If you have something on your car, it better be in working condition though. If those little wipers on a Mercedes’ headlights stop working, it won’t pass. lol

heres my wheel it cost me $100cdn used, oldschool momo.

i only got it so my knees dont hit it. what kind of car do you drive?

get a used EVO or STi wheels and see if it fits ur car

dont know what kind of car you have. but i picked this up from hmotorsonline for $90 shipped. with a $4 part from your local honda dealer, and about 30 minutes, your horn will work again too. (no srs, no cruise control). what do you drive?