S14 sr20 Minez ecu in a s13 sr20

yea im thinking of buying this minez ecu for my sr20, but i want to know will any sr20 ecu fit any sr20,


No, S14 and S13 ECUs are different and won’t plug into each other.

And it’s Mine’s, not Minez…

alright thanks alot

I have a Mine’s S13 SR ecu. $300 shipped.

where are you located i’d rather pick it up

Sure, it’s only an 8hr drive.

P6B 3Z4

where is this S14 SR Mine’s ECU if you dont mind me asking. im looking for one for my S14 SR

i was kinda excited when i see this,
however, this is what i got from other form:
email them the Mines Plaque serial number and they will email u back with something like this:
Thank you for your email and query.

ECU Serial number shows the following tuning specs:

  1. Removed the Speed Limiter

  2. Reset the injection and ignition timing

  3. Expanded the rpm from 7700 upto 8200 within the Rev Limiter

  4. This VX-ROM is for CA18DET, MT, vehicle year (May.1989 - January.1992).

Hope this might help you.

Best Regards,
basically it get nothing…sigh
or anyone knows more about it, lmk. i m also looking for an ecu and tuning on my s14 blacktop sr

i’ve seen this mines ecu at direct japan


even if you do that can’t you either way tune it for whatchu want it at??


ya that is the thing.