S2000 meet went well!

Had a blast in the twisties. Put about 400miles on the car but wa sway worth it.
Pics here

Anyone interested in joining me for the next one let me know

I definitely missed out on the fun! Too bad I had to sell some parts and the car was already away. I can’t wait to make one of Doug’s drives next year.

nice russ. looked like a great time!

hopefully ill b out next year

brent strong…you know Doug?

Yea Solo, next yr should be real good. Theres talk of it being a little bit past Syacuse :tdown:
the roads/hills look like a s2k heaven :tup:

Yeah, I know most of the guys you cruised with. I go to the Rochester D&Ds even though I don’t have an S2000 anymore.


Do you know Oscar with the yellow AP1?

Very well, he’s an oldschool muscle car guy, so we get along well.

Doug used to live behind me and I’ve done a ton of laps at WGI with him. The S2k group is hilarious. Brent, the drive home from Canidagua through Lima :wink:

Yea they are pretty funny. Dougs a funny guy, lots of knowledge

Doug is insane. Completely nuts. That being said, he’s a great guy and awesome to hang out with.