Scared of Santa 2013

A friend of a friend mine has their photo submitted if anyone is willing to go through the hassle of registering and voting.

Round 1, Group 2, Photo 3.

Take pictures of your kids being terrified of a strange man for the purposes of winning $$$…I like this idea.

Here are other photos to enjoy!!!

Oof, this guy is a hit with the kids:

And possibly the photo I would have voted for had I not been asked to vote for another…

That bite is great…

I went to give my son to Santa and he death gripped me. Maybe next year…

Thankless job

The Santa at Kelly’s Country Store on Grand Island was awesome…but, no one thanked him either. All the parents were agitated, irritated, tired, bitching about the wait, complained when Santa had to call it a day after 10 hours of cheer…etc.

First World Problems…

^ This morning I couldn’t remember if the towel hanging in the bathroom was clean or not. So I grabbed a clean one out of the closet.

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Looks like the lil’ bastards made it to the finals! Keep voting!!!