Selling auto parts ??

Are there any places that will buy parts? I have a sway bar for a 94 achieva that is brand new, still has stickers on it. I’ve posted it for sale a few times and nothing, and I don’t have ebay. Are there shops or anything like that that I can get a decent price for them? I paid like $115-$120 for them, I’d have to look to see the exact price.

Also one more question for you F-Bod guys, Is a Camaro 305 the EXACT same thing as my Trans Am 305? I want to know what is and is not interchangeable on it.

sign up for ebay, its easy.

305s should be exactly the same between the two except for the intake tubing/box.

I tried signing up for ebay and they want my bank account info, I tried and it didint work. :gotme:

you only need a credit card.

a check card will work fine also

I have both and have tried numerous times and it wont let me. Either A) my computer sucks, or B) Ebay Hates me lol.

I think its choice
C) you are not doing it right

I dont think any shop will buy that from you. Maybe a junkyard would give you 20 bux for it.

There has to be a market for it, or you just have to get lucky finding someone who needs one. If it’s a part that fails a lot on those cars, maybe it will sell, and does it fit any other GM cars? Ebay is probably your best bet.