Site lockout when replying in threads.


I know a few other members have been having this problem.

If I spend more than 10 seconds in the quick reply box before trying to post it, the site will lockout and will not load from that device anymore. This also means that the message is lost so I’ve made a habit of copy/pasting it elsewhere to make sure.

When this happens I can go on another device and the site loads up just fine. That is, until I try to reply to a thread again. Then that device is locked out for a bit too.

Anyone else having these problems? This glitch drives me fucking crazy.

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Also, the site often decides that it doesn’t want to let me edit responses from time to time. (Now being one of those times) And when I hit reply, the original comment is wiped out completely instead of bringing up the original text to be edited.




Literally never… Phone, Computer?



Each will lockout while the next will work until trying to reply.


Usually in Chrome, Win7. It’s definitely keyed around that bug where you click post and get a message that you’re about to navigate away from the page and your post will be lost. It’s not lost, it posts even if you click to navigate away, but after that happens it’s probably 50/50 if you’re going to get locked out for a while. It’s almost a definite that you’re getting locked out if you then try to edit that post because the edit box will come up but the post will be blank.


This keeps happening. I know @bing & @ubengineering are locked out of threads. I am too.

Realistically we’re not going to be spending time trying to fix this while we’re working on changing forum software entirely.



yeah i have wanted to keep the VB forum up but it really just doesnt look like we can given all of the glitches and our ability to deal with them.

another issue is monetization. this site has operated at a loss for about 2 years now and everything has been running off my visa. hopefully we can change that too.


How many doll-hairs are we talking about?


google ads used to almost take care of it and the vendors made up for it. i’ve been running at a $150 monthly loss for a while now. Slightly less than that before the google ads went down.


That’s monthly drug money.


Crypto / Weed Stock $$$


Wrist bling money.


I’d be willing to throw down to help out. Maybe a spring meet up and generate cash from that somehow?


i’d rather just make it passively sustainable. don’t really want to be ‘out there’ about it, it makes it all seem like work. the decision about whether or not to switch over to discourse appears to have been made for us anyhow so that’s good.

cannot believe some threads are just dead now, what timing.


I never got locked out of specific threads before. The site wouldn’t load at all when there was an issue. I haven’t the locking up issue in the past week and can edit just fine.

For example, right now the Trump discussion thread doesn’t load and just says:


You don’t have permission to access /showthread.php on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

The 1st amendment is only for Trump supporters I guess. :lol:


Yea, I hear ya. Hopefully I can start contributing more once I get my garage finished. Especially now image uploading to the new site will be much easier.


Same here! It should be recoverable once we switch software.