Site Speed Prob with pics...

is anyone else having problems with the pics loading/speed of the site…

i had problems at home but now im having problems at work too


? which pics - site pics? or in the gallery…?

or linked ones?

cause they all seem to load ok for me…

i have been having problems too.

ditto… i’m not having any probs… i’m on verizon dsl.

You’re getting the ID10T error…

since im on comcast and on a sprint t1 i dont think that its my end.

its like in xanders post, i couldent see his pics. but later on today i could.


Umm… Xanders posts are linked externally… on photobucket…

and you do what? Computer forensics? LOL

ohh sit those be fightin words…

im serious… like the quote icon wont show up sometimes. the pics from the logo section wont show up…

and im going to acquire your pc and show everyone your webmail. bitch :slight_smile:

everything seems to be working fine for me.

it was the new googe toolbar

you are not a huge nerd anymore :frowning:

everything works for me too :tup:

just loaded some pictures into the gallery, so idk :X

lol @ 1D10T error