issues loading site almost always for the past year or more


this happens no matter where i am, no matter what computer or browser/OS i use

i get this message 75% of the time no matter what i click on the site


That sounds miserable.


Clear cookies.

Bitches love cookies.


Stop being so Tachy Mr. Fry

Are you double clicking? Stop double clicking.


I just started having a similar problem. Always tells me it cannot find the server. Tried clearing cookies but didn’t help. Posting this from my phone at the moment. Any ideas?


I’m clueless when it comes to troubleshooting these issues. I can access everything but NYSPEED. Doesn’t matter what browser I use, it still gives me server not found. It must have something to do with the connection on my end, but it’s weird that this is the only site I cannot access.


This also happens when they block you from sections of the forum lol


Well what the hell did I do? Lol

I wonder how my connection at work will be tomorrow.


this is happening to some SON guys too. MIKE FIX IT PLEASE!!!


No problems accessing from work, or on my phone. But when I’m connected to my home internet connection, it can’t find the server.


I was having DNS issues all weekend. Couldn’t pull an IP for


has nothing to do with the computer, or the network i’m on

from work(3 different pc’s + ipad doesn’t work)

from home, 5 different pc’s + ipad

and from random friends houses it doesn’t work either

also connected through my phone’s wifi it doesn’t either

usually if i log out things start to load just fine though

that would make sense, but after hitting refresh a few times it will load(sometimes 10+ times)

and no, i’m not double clicking

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also it says i dont have permission to view the main page


There are 2 differ issues here would not resolve but would

The issue skurge has is exactly what happened to me when they limited my access


I know my issue was different, but I felt it was worth noting and I didn’t want to start a new thread. Didn’t realize that would resolve. I was 1 day away from withdrawl symptoms. Damn you nyspeed.


I was agreeing with you btw I has the same Dns issue


yeah, gotcha … i was going to post on the nyspeed facebook page but i figured a few days of nyspeed sobriety would do the body some good.


Samething that happened to me for a while till I posted a thread like this too. Seems like some mod or admin deactivated/reactivated my account and I dont know what else… but since then, I havent had one issue. I’m sure a mod at some point just did it to mess with him when rants were going on back and forth. I’d say I’d make that the first issue to look into.


Ehhhh it is now working again at home for me :tup:


anyone care to help here? bueler? bueler?

still not working as of now, took me 3 tries to get to this page


this is the right forum correct? the front desk/help desk? this is where problems get fixed? admin posted and has no solid info? not even try this or try that?(not that its an issue with my computer anyway)

not that i actually expected any help lol

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and as far as i can tell i’m not blocked from any part of the forum, i can still get anywhere i want it just takes 3-5 tries