issues loading site almost always for the past year or more


still having this issue everyday if anyone can help


If it was me I’d ask an admin to delete your account and just sign up again. Really sounds like some part of your user is corrupt, probably part of some ban that happened a long time ago and never fully got removed from the database.


I feel this was around the time of me and him ranting towards another member which ended up being a mod… after that rant, it seemed we were the only two having the problems for a really long time. I bitched enough and suddenly it was gone and I’ve not had a problem since. He didnt complain enough so here he is today. But I’m almost dead set on some one set something up to cause a problem of this sort. ( I’m not an IT nut, so I dont know everything… just what I’ve noticed)


What are you accusing me of Yammy, programing a magical unicorn script that keeps users in check? Do I look like Kim Jong Un or something? What are you, a racist?


Just a bit. I can only be friends with my black community. Sorry. lol

But I have no clue what happened, just found it funny it happened around the time of an outburst of bashing on here, then after months of putting up with it, I just started bitching that it wasnt getting fixed… some were saying they had no clue why at all, I told them to deactivate and reactivate my accout, not sure they did. But now it works 100%


Like I said before the exact thing happened to me when you blocked me from certain sections of the forum.

I would get PHP errors/can’t load pages/time outs/all kinds of shit that shouldn’t happen as a result of limiting access.

You guys unbanned me and it went away.


Liar. You don’t know shit about computers, networking, or programming so STFU!


AND THE TRUTH…Shall set you FREEEEEE!!! lol


i have never been banned from here

---------- Post added at 10:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:37 AM ----------

and when it started i just left the site, wasn’t worth the headache to hit refresh and retype 99% of my posts because i either get

“you do not have permission blah blah blah”(when posting or even just going into general forums)


“the server is too busy to process your request”

but then this idiot yambag sends me links all the damn time and i cant click on them cause most of the time it wont load(links to here)


It started around the same time mine did. Like I said, there was a rant that went on with flaming and bashing and so on. Lots of bs was said, then problems loading pages started.


well, still having the same issues, when i’m not logged in, i can browse and view without issues

now that i’m on a new pc at a different location(that being the 4th or 5th location, across 10+ pcs) that still has the same loading error

as soon as i log in, issues happen, anyone ever care to take a look at this lol


Someone clearly did something to your account on here. Not sure why a mod hasn’t just removed and reinstated your username. My guess is one of the mods just doesn’t like you.


only posted this again because its laughable that nothing has been done, no response, nothing

someone was butthurt about something i said i’m sure, when they knew damn well i was within the rules…


I don’t really remember your posts specifically but I remember you being pretty annoying. Posts like the one above will never yield the results you are after. Still super annoying.

Also … is the trademark of people I can’t stand. Good luck getting anyone to look into it. My best advice is to create a new account and post less… after you say things…


i’m sorry…that you cant stand certain things…maybe you aren’t cut out for the internet?

and i’ll tell you why it happened, i speak up and dont take crap from people, mods were butthurt that i was well within the rules, and i do remember another member actually getting a week or so ban because of it…so what you are saying is because you or the mods cant take something someone says, they mess up accounts? cause that’s not childish…

I dont see a reason to make a new account since i’ve had this one since 2005, and before that on ubrf before a lot of you were even driving I would guess. check the records, dont think i’ve ever even gotten a ban, cause I dont do anything wrong
go check the last thread i got negative rep, i said almost nothing in that thread, and got negative rep because, and i quote… "Thread:Warning. Rant inside.:tdown: to being friends with mabu

09-09-2008 02:14 PMILCisDEAD"

which if i’m correct, he was banned…so please tell me where i was in the wrong?

to me all this says is that you cannot take any kind of criticism at all, which is pretty sad


There is nothing wrong or mysterious going on with your account. No one has a grudge against you.



I don’t think I have banned anyone in a long time. Or even an infraction. I assure you I have nothing to do with whatever you think is going on with your account. But you seem to care a lot. You might want to reconsider this forum if it upsets you?

Anyhow I hope you have a good day man. Deep breath it will all be ok.


the site should be loading really quickly right now because the banners are down and the program we were using was relatively heavy. we’ll be moving to something else faster in the near future.


Just create a new account and test it, see if it loads fast or slow. Nobody cares how long you’ve been around, in terms of your “Join Date” under your name. Just create a new account Skurge_ and be done with it. Everyone will still recognize you. We promise.


i only mentioned you because that was the thread it all started in, which i’m not even sure what it was about now

yesterday i did get the server busy message or whatever when i tried to post, but i dont think i’ve tried it in months so who knows, might be fixed

i wasn’t banned or given an infraction, just neg rep or whatever