issues loading site almost always for the past year or more


Oh I see. I honestly didn’t click the link. But I really don’t even remember arguing with you and hold no hard feelings. But I do remember for a short period many of your posts seemed like you were looking to have issues/stir the pot with members running the site. My point being that you get more bees with honey. Your posts above indicate to me that you might still bring this conflict which really isn’t needed. We all have matured a great deal over the duration of ubrf/nyspeed which has made moderating a breeze these days!


.NET timeout issue?


FYI, I looked into your account and it is the same as everyone elses. This also prompted me to remove some poorly linked code and now the site should be 25-50% faster for everyone.


How about you remove that infection again from the website lol


my only conflict was the constant circle jerk

only reason i keep bringing up the site loading issues, is when i get sent a link to the site, more than half the time it wouldn’t load, forget about posting. that being said, it seems to have worked this week so far, not that i’ve tried much other than in this thread