Smaller wheels, where to buy 15-16inch

most tuner wheel sites have only 17 and up and maybe like 5 versions of 16 inch wheels…need some more options as to where i can get some 15 or 16 inch black wheels with silver lip/lower pro tires…

could paint them, or powder coat them. :wink:

ya i could… too bad they are GROSS

innovative tuning, mike will hook you up

b00 to you :tdown:


i have a love hate relationship w/ rotas

sometimes i wonder why i could like “those ugly things”
other times i just drool ovet a honda thats rockin them

and real rota’s > knock offs tenfold

nice wheels scott

Something like these…?

5Zigen FN01R-C - but I think they are only in 17"

EDIT: They do make them in 15" and 16", but you would have to contact 5Zigen to find out where you could get them - link ->

Or talk the guys @ since I know they can get the 17", they might be able to get smaller sizes too.

ya those are nice…im checkni it out, also found a site called has a decent selection as well…we’ll see

Didn’t we have this discussion before Micah?

Same place as last time: Wheeloptions or HopUp Racing. All the major tuner brands, in all sizes, big or small.

Tattoo this reply on your forehead so you don’t forget.

…damnit micah…just get some new wheels already :lol:

ugh ya i know… im a other forum repost machine