So my CD is finally almost done... *mp3*

and I’m fucking proud of myself for finally making something that represents my style decently well.

I was always mad because everything I would think about recording would always just be difficult to capture my variety and spontaneity when it comes to track selection, and how I blend this shit to make it flow…but I finally came up with some shit that represents my live show well, and what I’m trying to accomplish in terms of creating “my style” of spinning.

This CD is pretty wild, it covers everything, borders hard electronic, crunk, crazy mash-ups, dancehall reggae, bmore club…everything I love and play, and it’s even got a few for the ladies.

I finished it up yesterday and it’s going out to be pressed soon as I get in touch with my sponsors, and artwork is finalized. I took a 3 minute snippet from the middle of the tape where my partner drops me a freestyle, and I hit you with my favorite MJ track once again, this time remixed exclusively for the mixtape over JT and TI’s “My Love.”

Check out the track listing:

  1. dj.dstar - Metro Area - Proton Candy
  2. dj.dstar - Hot Chip - Over and Over
  3. dj.dstar - Kanye West - Addiction (Terry Hunter & Kenny Dope Remix)
  4. dj.dstar - Laid Back “White Horse” vs. E-40 “Tell Me When To Go” (A-Trak Blend)
  5. dj.dstar - Smash Riddim
  6. dj.dstar - Smash Riddim
  7. dj.dstar - E-40 ft. T-Pain & Juelz Santana - U & Dat (Interlude)
  8. dj.dstar - E-40 ft. T-Pain & Juelz Santana - U & Dat (Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir Remix)
  9. dj.dstar - Tameil - Sexy Back Remix
  10. dj.dstar - DJ Technics - To The Left
  11. dj.dstar - The Noble Truth a.k.a. Chae Hawk - Freestyle
  12. dj.dstar - My Love vs. Billie Jean (dj.dstar re-edit)
  13. dj.dstar - Akon - Smack That (dj.dstar re-edit)
  14. dj.dstar - Red Bull Riddim
  15. dj.dstar - Lil Jon ft. Ying Yang Twins vs. Freeform Five vs. Mylo - Get Low (Tyler Fedchuk’s 1/2alive remix)
  16. dj.dstar - Diplo - Stop Snitchin’
  17. dj.dstar - Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk
  18. dj.dstar - Justice vs. Simian - Never Be Alone (We Are Your Friends)
  19. dj.dstar - Lil’ Wayne & Birdman - Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (dj.dstar re-edit)
  20. dj.dstar - Rich Boy ft. Polow Da Don - Throw Some D’s
  21. dj.dstar - Jibbs ft. Chamillionaire - King Kong
  22. dj.dstar - 311 - Love Song
  23. dj.dstar - The Cure - Love Song
  24. dj.dstar - Purple Ribbon All Stars - Kryponite (dj.dstar re-edit)

and last but not least, the snippet is basically track 10 upward to the start of 13, you can find that here:

Thanks for listening. More details on how to cop it coming soon!


keep us updated

Pretty cool man, I liked it. Especially the Michael Jackson mixed with My Love, seemed to flow together pretty well :tup:

Nice bro!

I gotta get a copy.

I liked the last CD. Keep up the hard work.

Need I say more?

ya done good donnayyyy.


ewwwwwww lovesong by 311?

that’s one damn cute hedgehog

EDIT: what’s his crotch nub do

dstar, hit me up on aim or something

what makes you say ew about the 311 version of the song?

jam doesn’t like 311.
what a loser.

besides the fact that it is a terrible cover, and i just dont like 311, it is one of the cure’s most popular songs. i think if you’re going to do a cover, do something obscure that not everyone would know

see alkaline trio - exploding boy

but like i said donny, its just my opinion, keep doin what your doin


thanks for the props guys. this has been a while postponed and a while in the making as well, and i’m very happy about it being done and ready to roll out. it’s loaded with remixes, that my love one just scratches the surface (i love that beat so much).

well i am definately not one to listen to 311, so i hear you out on that. i can’t agree with you on the fact it’s a bad cover, i really like the intro part the most and that’s why i used it (theres about 40 seconds of the 311 version on it)…it’s almost a dubbed out version halftime that of the original, and that’s why i felt it was a smooth way to kick off the start of the end of the CD.

i feel you though, it’s all good. the rest of the shit is bangin anyways. i knew that’d be questionable putting it on, but i’m trying to do something no one else would, not just follow suit with hiphop DJs and be like “too soft”, and that’s why i decided to put it on there.

sure, the CD is formatted for listening to loud in the car, dancing, whatever…but it’s also formatted like a true album which i feel is a lost concept in 2007. when it comes to dj mixtapes and album releases by artists…everything’s a fucking club single these days with no substance. so i wanted something that at least had an intro/outro with meaning, and the between focused on what I do, make people want to move. granted at the end of the day i’m just a DJ and i can’t format an album to tell a story and shit like a lyrical artist or musician, but I can at least set tones and moods and that’s what I feel sets this shit above a lot of other mixtapes being released as of late.

so yeah, i felt like the 311 cover was an effective way of setting that mood. it works if you listen to it in context, in my eyes (or ears rather :wink: )

good looks though! i know you got a little heart for MJ in you jam :slight_smile: