So, yea...i bought another honda. pics.

99 Integra LS, damn near evey option. Motor is bone stock. Car came with the JDM front end, K-sport coilovers, carbon hood and 5-zigen wheels. Couldnt believe how damn clean it was, got a good deal on it. Fuck it.

Pretty Sharp, :bigthumb:

Missing 2 things, a touch of FB, and a nice First Bass Sticker…

How can you go from 3?? whp to 190 :dunno:

So what did you spend on it?

I’d be surprised if it was making more than 130 fwhp as it sits.

hahaha thats a big change, So whats the interior look like, Clean? Pics?

that car looks pretty damn sharp! i love that jdm front end



lookin pretty nice, i love the jdm front end

raise 'r up!~

Looks really nice. Congrats! :beer:

sharp lookin car , boost that fucker fast

NICE…love that car with the JDM front end, sooooooooooo you wanna race now???:smiley:

front end is cool… nice car.

fag fag fag, you disappoint me!!!

get the v8 for once you little dick

you need boost kolar. I know someone that has eagle LS rods for 150 bucks right now

looks clean and congrats

awsome i like it!

sweet ride, loving that JDM front end.

does look good man, I might have a spare ls block if your looking for something to build