Some of my old rides...

Nothing real special, just thought Id share some of my past. These arent all of my past rides, just the ones I have pics of. Ive also had a Triumph TT600 motorcycle, a '01 Jetta GLS, '92 S10 with a stroker motor in it, KLR-650 Enduro bike and I think thats about it.

We still have this. Has the smallest motor they put in the firebird. It sucks, my wife loves the car though.

My old S10 with a semi built 350 in it. This thing hauled ass, soo much fun to drive. I miss it,

Our old bikes. Both were '01 Gsx-R 600’s. Mine was the yellow one. I wrecked it at 120+ and turned it into a full time race bike. God rest its soul. Fastest 1/4 mile was 10.8 on all motor. I raced this thing on courses, drag strips, streets, Parkways… The best bike Ive ever had…

My old '01 Honda 400ex. Bored out to a 416 with every possible thing you can do to a motor. Had almost as many A/M parts on it. I raced XC and a tiny bit of MX with it. This was before it was finished.

cool rides, where you usually ride at in the burgh? i was up at Mt. Wash alot this summer

nice bikes. that EX looks sweet also. have u had a chance to check out the new 450 honda has out. i bet that things is awesome

The only place I had ever rode in Pa was High Point. These were all my rides while in NC.

The 450 is ok, but there are alot of problems with it. People are seizing it up really easy. The stock tranny and gears are either too close or too far apart for anything. Meaning that it lacks torque when coming out of the turns b/c you are in between gears in either mx or xc. Honestly when it comes to ATV’s Im a die hard Honda fan just because my 400ex was awsome to me. After watching all of the local racers and pro racers though. The New yamaha is a much better bike in any situation. They really out did them selves on it. Ill quit ranting now. :slight_smile:

yeah i see what u mean. i raced quads back in the day (suzuki LT250R), but i’ve always admired hondas handling and reliability on quads. i havent followed atvs lately, but both of those 450s make me want to get back into it…but i wont.

I dont know why, But i’m liking the s10 :cool: never seen a 2 tone that decent.