SON240sx end of summer meet 08 / 21 / 05

hey guys,

we crazy canucks are going to have another 240sx meet at my place on the canadian side of niagara in August.

word on the street is that a ton of you NYspeed cats want to show up since you are planning an NYspeed meet anyways.

tentative date is the 21st. subject to change but it will likely be on this day unless there is an earthquake in the forecast or something.

no one is allowed to come who is supposed to have a sweet FD but still doesnt have it after 466565 months, people like that are not welcome anywhere.

wny honda meet in rochester on same day… but i guess this is a nissan so it’s cool

Awesome Bing, you’re a man of your word. See you there man…last time was a blast.

Bing, I missed the last one, as long as you don’t change the date one week forward I will be there to hang out with your asian ass

ah shit i hope i can make it, i dunno if i can get off from work that day…

ill try n make it there

word, hopefully this’ll be hot

I saw the vid from the other meet, looked pretty sick :tup:

You — Know — It.

I’m there :tup:

i take that back, no one at work has off that day yet, so its mine :slight_smile:

bump lets get a good sized caravan going, canada meets are always a good time :tup:


as I’m sure a few more MR2 guys will follow…

im in

bumping this up as a reminder that you will all die if you dont show up on the 21st…


i can walk there in 1.3 min if i hop bings cousins yard.

i guess im there?

just look out for the O.P.P.

they might chase you yanks down in the safety bug:biglaugh:

joe, is mark coming with you? I’m gonna go that day too!!

see ya found the thread :stuck_out_tongue: but heres another bump anyways

Sounds like a good time, but I guess FD guys are not allowed in :gotme:

X… :stuck_out_tongue:

No no… ASSHOLES in general aren’t allowed in… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think so John, but I’m not so sure. I’m willing to bet the other MR2 guys come though (Chino, Paul, maybe Sean)…