source of income aka job needed/wanted

hey anybody know of some good places hireing,

looking for a fun job…blah blah blah

hell just let me know what u know

office max is hiring

i wish I could fund a fun job :frowning:

M&T Bank’s hiring, office max, I hear the department stores are hiring to replace the “back to school” positions.


i believe Lowe’s still needs people

pm me…

get paid $10/hr to look out the window and answer the phone…

“fun” and “job” don’t go in the same sentence…except when you’re talking about hand- and blow-.

ok now that i finally got a mode of transportation im still looking
im not really looking for a career just some place to make some money

yeah, im in the job hunt again…Business/Marketing major here…if anyone knows of anything, feel free to let me know :meh:

Oh yeah?

I beg to differ :slight_smile:

Begging doesn’t become you Howie :stuck_out_tongue:

do you go to school and wanna work part time? or wanna work full time?

if you wanna do full time…
collections, i can get you the job (and myself a referral bonus at the same time :wink: )

you get to sit around all day, and call trashy people to yell at them for being trashy, sometimes make them cry, and when they pay, you accumulate a monthly bonus check on top of the $8 an hour starting wage…hit your goal/bonus 3 months in a row, and you can get a $2 an hour raise…

PM me more info on this job

nope no school , full time or part time it really doesnt matter ,

looooong pm sent…with my cell number, let me know…i’ve been there a bit over a year and i dont plan on leaving until i graduate and get a job i can make a more comfortable living off of on my own…and out of mommy and daddy’s house

come work at goodyear

bust tires, do oil changes, and work on your own car if need be, plus the obvious discounts on tires, other services, and parts

plus i can boss you around

but seriously, its cake work and a lax environment that lets you learn as much as you want and advance as much as you want…

I’d work here. . … …hiring anyone to work 5hrs a week just to do oil changes?? -----> I work full time during the day and wouldn’t mind a couple bucks here and there.

whats the pay at goodyear like sean?

I wouldn’t mind picking up weekend hours there. Beats cashing at Budwey’s.

When looking for a job, be sure your spelling is correct. is your friend.

i got a sweet job watching movies all day and making sure servers and interfaces dont crash… easy 12$ an hour… so thats a “fun” “job”.

more than likely not what you’d consider worthy pay for a fellow degree holding canisius grad, unless you go into sales/management

but the great thing about goodyear is that they will take you along every step of the way from sales to store manager…endless training, classes, and meetings. they are sending me to los angeles at the end of this month for some advanced training, so thats definitely a huge :tup: