"Spare Parts": a 1953 Harley Panshovel

A while back I came into a good deal on a frame.

Then I got a good deal on a cool extended and narrowed old harley springer.

Then I got a good deal on a titled 53 Panhead motor that someone put shovelheads on.

So I’ve just been picking through my parts heap and slowly bolting parts on to this thing. It’s not going to be anything jaw dropping. I just want it to run and ride with minimal fab work.

I made a front axle:

And some spacers:

And then just sorta laid some parts on it to see what I’m feelin’.

Was wondering when this was going to get posted…looks good.

Awesome project. always fun to see what you can come up with.

Saw a 49 Harley Service Cart trike frame and axles on CL in Rochester earlier. Might make another interesting “Spare Parts” Project for you.

What’s the passenger weight limit on that rear seat? :slight_smile:

Just wait until he welds two Sportster’s together for winter fun…

sportster chariot!!!



I like everything about it except how the frame is sloping up towards the fork.

yeah, I usually like the “praying mantis” look so I’m partial. I really don’t want to cut up the neck to flatten it out.

The top clamp on the narrowed springer did not want to go on as delivered, in fact the hole wasn’t even very round, so I machined the center out to a set diameter:

And then machined the normal cone nut to go on upside down and into the clamp.

Needed a way to get bars on so I made these adapters:

And then tapped the tubes.

Next I made some SS bars:

And mounted them with some regatta garage risers.

I’m really pissed at myself for fucking up the weld on the left, here. :frowning:

They look like they need Viagara. Please make some other bars. Please

Exclusive Nutcrusher™ Seat

Man I really like the bars. I think once there is a Sissy on there it’s going to look awesome.

dont listen to anything richard tells you to do.

those bars look great.

the bike is certainly set up for a little guy though

I also find the bars to be awesome.