Spoiled Rotten Kiddies - TOO FUNNY!!


p.s. Scott was too much of a pussy to post this…



yeah that kid would of gotten slapped by me. i would never let my kids talk to me like that.

Well we never had chocolate milk in my house… :frowning: tear

if i ever talked to my mom like that my dad would have kicked my ass sooooooo hard. wtf is wrong with kids these days???

theres no way that’s real. if he could zoom in on the other dudes face so fast when the kid was talking then there is no way he could play so shitty when trying to shoot.

If this were my kid… the Xbox would be out the window and the kid would be looked in a closet for 3 days. And the first person to claim abuse against me would receive my size 12 boot up their ass.

The bad thing is I deal with atleast 2 or 3 of these kids a day at work. And let me tell you, if I could remove just ONE person a day from the gene pool…

just wow…

Better yet, post it on ebay. :tup:

i swear to god id do my best to leave a hand print across his face , then id make him wear a sign to school that siad “my mom and dad pwnd me while i was playing my xbox”

The first person point of view is not the kid who is whining like a bitch. It’s the kid that gets zoomed in on that is being a selfish asshole.

that was hilarious :lol:

holy shit, unbelieveable

That kid needs to be shot

That mom needs to be shot too, for not disciplining the kid

how was that recorded?
… I don’t play video games so i have no idea what was going on there.

:c /

basically, he’s playing online, using a microphone to talk to his “teammates”…cept instead of talking to them he’s whining and arguing with his mom

ohhh… I see… I didn’t know about the microphone technology.