Spotted: 800hp BMW 135i on the 190

who is this?

dude creamed me at pretty high speed. sounded rad.

said it puts down 900hp but was only running 800hp today.

black and well stanced but otherwise stock looking.

Built n54, 3.2 liter, 6466, port injection, meth injection. Car rips. Not sure how he gets traction with the tires he has on it. He’s at my work once a week buying parts cuz it always breaks according to him lol

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What’s he running for tires?

They look like pilot super sports

I dont know enough about these cars but is that hp figure realistic? My G8 put down 620 at the wheels and traction was always an issue. I couldnt imagine 8 or 900 on street tires in a much lighter car.

edit…just remembered that he can rev to make 900hp with 600ft of tq and its tq thats the issue.

It’s really not unmanageable

Sounds nice