Starlite Car Cruise - 8/25/2006

We are the featured people at the cruise that night. Promotional info will start being released on Friday of this week. I will need everyone to be at the cruise at 5:45! So make sure you will be there and willing to talk to people.

I am not sure how much Starlite will release but I got a nice surprise for everyone… so make sure you are there.

Brian… I would like to have both cars there that night, if that is ok with you.



maybe 2 cars will slow the suburban down:dunno:

:wtcslap: :doh:

not enough to lose to the red truck


Starlite is requesting that we arrive promptly at 4PM so they can have the cars off the trailer and into the spots before everyone starts rolling in.


FRIDAY at 4PM at Starlite Car Cruise. Everyone please respond back acknowledging you read this thread!


well theres goes fridays work lol unless bright and early…jk

7am bitch

ok sir

I should be able to make it, although it’s the other guys that really matter.

looks like will be leaving the shop early on a friday. yay!!
see everyone there.