Stupid car shit

No one will probably write anything,but post up some of the stupidest proformance ads you’ve ever seen. Like the “electric supercharger”, or those turbo whistlers for your exhaust or something like that…

Interfoolers have always amused me

the turbonator, the tube you shove in your intake pipe that makes the air go in a spiral, like 20whp and 10 more MPG lol

the tornado intake lol… Or the ebay $.99 35hp chip

I know a jackass that bought a “Electric supercharger” from ebay to put on his escort lol… When it came in the mail, all it wound up being was a marine electric shitter pipe vent for a boat hahaha he paid somethin stupid like 80 bucks for it too

bubb rubb whistle tips

whistle tips are the coolest thing since peeing your pants.

Fuel magnets

i saw them in harbor freight the other day and almost shit myself

LOL 80 dollar shitter pipe!!!

Fake blow off valves.

Back when I had my stock automatic SOHC '96 Neon I ‘raced’ a beat up Civic with one and kicked its ass.

lmao! The dude runs a stop sign and drives in the other lane on VIDEO! I wonder if he got ticketed for that. lol.

“It’s like an alarm clock yo…woo wooo!!!”


hmm lets see. Intake, header, exhuast on a single cam honda.

yeah thats right fuck all you ricers lolz

hahaha that video is great, it was on shift a few months ago actually…

woooo woooo !!!

haha wtf. Bubb Rubb? you gotta be shitting me…


that’s one of the oldest videos i’ve seen. shits been around like 5+ years. lol

oh yeah def man, but its so funny