stupid criminal brings knife to a....... car fight ? lol **video**

id give up after the second hit too !


Oh shiet he got pinned pretty bad


i had no idea the Man could run people down like that :lol:

it’s not like i have anything against it, that truly was awesome :tup:

Cops are dumb. They need to carry taser guns.

besides… taser woulda been much funnier

tasers are funnier to watch in general, but this is just a special kind of “owned” that very few cops bother to do, which makes it a special kind of thing to watch

canadian police thats why they can do what they want… differnt rules then cops hurr

nah they just need to open fire and then plant a throw down on him

he gave up so easy

^ juan id like to see you pined like that and then not give up…wait youd prolly steal the cop car:p

american cops can do the same thing …

a criminal would have a hard time going to court and saying “they shouldnt have hit me with the car” considering that the next step would be to shoot him

and about him giving up so easy … his chest was pinned between a post that wouldnt bend, AND THE SHARP BROKEN PIECES OF THE OUTSIDE MIRROR

im relativly sure the dude couldnt breath while he was pinned