sunfire parts

I have a 97 pontiac sunfire for parts, whole or separate, just let me know what you need. If no interest will just scrap.

Also looking for a 96-97 z24 cavalier shell with trannsmission, preferably 5 spd, Doesnt have to have motor. Im not exactly worried about the body as long as it will pass pa inspection. Let me know what you have.

2.2L or 2.4L, 5spd or auto?

i sold my z to a friend, ill see if he still has it laying around.

its out of an 88 though and its an auto.

The sunfire is auto, i believe its 4 spd, and it is a 2.2l, both rear side windows are broken and its missing a door.( passenger) Id like to get it out of here whole but parts will do, and if its not gone soon its going to the scrap yard…

As for the z i have an engine i would like to drop into it… I dont know if you thought i was asking for the engine of not… but i wouls like 96-97 z24 that neeeds an engine … 5spd preferably… will think about auto…

No interest? make offer… if not, its getting scrapped in the next week or two.