Sunset Beach/Beach club 7.31.05

im heading out tommaro around 10:30am. ill be there till 4-5ish so it gives me enough time to come home eat,shower,and then go to taffys. ill be in the bar and on the beach so whos in? 98teg,iroc350z so far and maybe skunk.

it might…depends on what I get done today.

Hrmmm I think I would be down for this, I’ll see if I can get my buddy to ride his boat down from pt abino :tup:

im going to ohio otherise i would go for sure :tup:

josh and sean…u bitches better go…LOL

woot woot…gonna be a good time

Bar or Beach?

beach where like mickey rats is… or like sunset bay beach?

sunset bitches

good times…

haha…very good times…:tup:

does anybody want to go tommorrow?


work is the devil.

I’m a lobster… lol

im going camping.