what up…if you dont know who i am, then i hate you. but im here.

edit: i dont know you

so i hate you too

but look at this: azndc5r

supa zonggggg



whatup micah

Welcome :wave:

:wave: holla

pic with a penny or i dont believe it


oh dear

teck east is taking over

about damn time u got on here…

:wave: HOLLAAAAA!!!

what up
sell me your car


didnt that car get wrecked last april or something?

haha zong looks like an idiot. sohc turbo by chance?

  • a penny lol

  • it wasnt crashed, it was a photoshop april fools joke last year…

  • not for sale

  • sohc yes, turbo no :wink:


welcome mike.


who’s mike, not ME sucka, i dont go by dat shittt

hahaha…notice how he added “ah” after mike…hence spelling “MIKE-AH” and sounding like …MICAH