Taffy's 6/26/05 9pm

I’ll be there with the RX-7. Even though I have no fuel and ignition mapping, as long as I stay out of boost I’m fine, so after 10 months it should feel good to stand next a car I’m proud of. Hope to see you there!

X… :tspry:

I’ll prolly be there.

:word: i might sneak out and stop by

AK and I will stop by after auto-x…

im there

hoping i can swing by around 10:30ish…x u still gonna be there i gotta see my “twin” :slight_smile:

aight…i’ll probably be there

I will be there later around 10pm or so…I gots some stuff to take care of first.

I won’t be able to get out of work until 9:45. Bumdizle.

Werd, around 10 for me too…

We shall see, got a busy day planned but would definitly like to make it out to this “taffy’s”

as Stairs said…we’ll be dropppin by tonight :slight_smile:

might have to roll up there…gotta see how the installs go first…

I’ll be there :tup:

:tup: count me in

i should be there

see ya’ll thurr

<~~ outcast. No go for LuminaChick

I may be there later,…remember its not how you stand by your car…lol