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Phone Main: 416-907-3851
Phone 2: 647-344-6816
Phone (Dealer line): 416-751-1541
Phone (Eric Cell): 416-602-4677
Fax: 416-907-9374
General Email: inquiry@teknotik.com
Eric: eric@teknotik.com
Jay: jay@teknotik.com
msn: 4nperformance@canada.com


Written by Joey Lee, Honda Tuning Magazine, Rodrez, Editor - Honda Tuning Magazine

There are many times in life when we experience brief moments that inspire us forever. These ripples in time may not be noticeable at first, but if you believe in fate, these moments can actually dictate future events. More often than not, these random events affect how we as enthusiasts build our cars. It could be an unexpected encounter with an inspirational build you see at a meet, a car you see at a show, or even something you see in a magazine like Honda Tuning. Life has a funny way of working things out. Today we will be taking an in-depth look at two Canadian Honda owners, with two very different stories-but as fate would have it, both men ended up on equal paths to build the ultimate Integra Type R that they both had once only dreamed of. Eric Daoust, owner of one of Canada’s premier tuner shops, sought to build an ITR once again after regretfully selling a previous R. Matthew Drost, a loyal customer of Daoust, longed to build another Integra Type R after an unfortunate accident destroyed his first.

Though Eric has spent the majority of his life surrounded by Hondas, his upbringing might have steered him in a different direction. “I grew up surrounded by cows, tractors, and trucks,” Daoust explains. “How I got into Hondas I’ll never really be able to explain. I should have been driving a Mustang or an F150 pick-up, but instead I just fell in love with Hondas. The Honda that got me hooked back then was an '88-'91 Prelude. It was my first Honda and I’ve never looked back since.”

It was that Prelude that set the rest of his life in motion. He was so focused on doing whatever he possibly could to his Honda that it often distracted him from his studies at Carleton University. “I became so involved with my car that I eventually changed my major from political science to study in business. It all worked out and here I sit today as the owner of Teknotik, one of Canada’s largest Honda specialty shops. Opening this business has given me so many opportunities to be around Hondas and meet great people.”

One Stop Shop

Eric Daoust may love his Integra Type R unconditionally, but his real baby is his shop. Teknotik is Canada’s premier one-stop shop for all automotive enthusiasts and you may have spotted their logo or vinyl sticker on more than one Canadian-built Honda Tuning feature car. Not only does Teknotik import rare Japanese goods from overseas, they also do just about anything else car related that you can possibly imagine; ECU-tuning, installs, engine swaps, and even custom fabrication, all under one roof. They also stock a wide array of aftermarket parts so Canadian enthusiasts can always find what they need with little to no waiting time. www.teknotik.com

Company Info:

Teknotik is your Canadian Source for Import Performance Parts, specializing in Honda and Acura. We carry and distribute many lines of high quality Performance from engine, to suspension, cooling, exterior, and ECU parts. We are also an importer of JDM (Japanese domestic market) Engines.Offering friendly service and full warranty on parts and engines, we can provide everything that you need for your engine swap, or the performance parts to boost your hp from basic bolt on to full turbo kits. Be sure to check with us for any suspension modifications, as we are experts on getting your car dialed in for optimum performance on the circuit through full suspension, brakes and suspension related tuning parts(camber, castor, toe, preload). Install also is available. Teknotik also provides Honda/Acura ECU tuning and conversions: Custom ECU mapping, Dyno– full wideband tuning on all naturally aspirated or forced induction cars.


Performance Parts
JDM Honda Imported Engines and Parts
ECU Chipping/Tuning/Dyno Tuning (honda only)
Parts Installation
Engine Installation
Fabrication (custom work)


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JDM Honda Engines:

Teknotik holds the highest standards in imported JDM Engines and have over six years of experience selling low mileage high quality Japanese Imported engines and transmissions. All engines come compression tested, and backed with full Teknotik Warranty and Certificate of Engine purchase. Our business began strictly with used motors and our expertise has led to be one of Canada’s premier engine providers.

Available JDM Imported Engines: K20A, H22A, B16A, B18C Type R, B18C GSR, B16B Type R, B20, B18, D15b Vtec, D15 non vtec

Available JDM Honda Imported Used Components: JDM Front End conversions, clusters, steering wheels, Recaro Seats, Exhaust, Body Panels, Steering Wheels, Brake conversions, Master cylinders, sway bars, JDM Headlights, Interior parts, Wheels, Computers, Carpet, Suspension

Other applications available only by special request.

Installation Services:

Parts installation and Fabrication services are available by appointment. From basic parts installs to engine swaps and custom design and fabrication Teknotik offers experienced installers who work on your car with the care and quality that your personal vehicle deserves; be it your street or weekend race car.


Why buy from Teknotik?

Before you buy anywhere else, ask yourself these questions…

  • Competitive prices( Let us know what the best price you have is! We want to earn your business and keep it in Canada!)

  • Next day shipping! If its in stock and you live most parts of Quebec its to your door next day! Although we are based in Toronto, we ship throughout Canada almost every day. Ask about free shipping on many items! No duty charges, customs, holding or brokerage charges or unknown fees plus a tracking number to watch your package every step of the way!

  • High stock levels means we stock what we sell! Don’t wait “to order”!

  • Additional unknown Charges - No customs, brokerage duty and exchange or special order charges! Also many items qualify for free shipping.

  • We are Honda and Acura experts - our YEARS of experience in the industry means we know what works and what doesn’t! You wont end up with a part that doesn’t fit.

  • Proven track record for Customer Service- Search yourself! You will quickly see why we are one of Canada’s premier Import Parts Retailers. We work long hours and are reachable by Phone, Email, PM, text msg, Msn, AIM and fax.

  • Selection - If you have an Honda or Acura, if we don’t have it we can likely get it. We are a Canadian DISTRIBUTOR for many top brands with large buying power.

  • Established - We have been in the industry many years and we are not going anywhere. Have a product issue? We are here! Need help with warranty on an item? When buying from Teknotik know that we will be here in 1 year, 5 years…15 years.

  • We Practice what we preach - We don’t just say we “track” or call ourselves “racers”, we are racers! With a full fleet of grasroots track cars you can see us at events throughout Ontario. WE RACE, WE TRACK and WE WIN using the parts we sell. We encourage others to get into racing as well through our “Teknotik Track Days” that take place every year (coaching and instruction available).

  • Internationally Recognized- Pick up notable magazines like HONDA TUNING and you will find Teknotik cars within their pages. Its no coincidence our quality builds help put Canada on the map and get recognized.

  • Sponsorship Packages - We help the people who help us grow - when you win we win! We offer a wide variety of sponsorship packages that YOU actually get something out of! Ever had your hotel, gas and meals paid for by a sponsor? Ever been paid when you win? I didn’t think so.

  • Community Involvement - Teknotik gives back! As host to the largest Honda Meet in Canada, in its 7th year we hosted over 1200 cars at the 2010 HT Meet and all FREE to attend! We also host the Largest JDM Specific message board in Canada - www.jdmrides.ca

  • Installation - Teknotik offers install on everything we sell. Make sure it’s installed right an get it installed here in house.

Feature Cars:

2002 S2000 - Spoon Certified - Turbo Charged

1996 Honda Integra Type R - K20A Swap with Jackson Racing Super Charger


2000 Acura Integra Type R - B18C Built with with Custom Turbo Kit


1996 Honda Civic - B20 Vtec Built


2001 Honda S2000 - J’s Racing with Supercharger


1993 Honda Civic - K20A2 Swap (Track only)


1999 Acura Integra Type R - K20z Swap


1996 Honda Civic - K20 swap - (Track only)


Contact Info:
Phone Main: 416-907-3851
Phone 2: 647-344-6816
Phone 3: 416-751-1541
Fax: 416-907-9374
General Email: inquiry@teknotik.com
Eric: eric@teknotik.com
Jay: jay@teknotik.com

What kind of “custom fabrication”

You stock what you sell ,do you stock parts for other cars other then hondas?

awesome shop to deal with, bought a lot of stuff from them when I had my civic… not much nissan stuff tho…

Isnt this a nissan forum

^^ what he said.
I don’t hate the brand one bit but just wondering where the SON240 forum is heading.


Super reputable bunch of dudes… Eric and Jay rock and super helpful if you need anything.

Eric is very helpful. Customer service is the best I’ve experinced.

i dont see how that benefits me as a consumer of nissan parts though.

yea woulda been nice if you posted what you can get for us nissan guys.

because teknotik is looking to branch out and show the community that they do not only deal with honda parts, which is a very large misconception about the shop. eric is A+++++++++ peoples, and has always been there to help me out and come through when i’m in a bind. looking for parts for your nissan? call up teknotik and if they don’t have it in stock, they’ll order it and have it available ASAP.