That thing got a hemi?

Sure does!

This Big-Wheel for grownups comes equipped with 4-foot tall Goodyear slicks. This is much, much cooler than the Dukes of Hazzard big wheel we had as kids. Sure, the HEMI-powered version doesn’t have that lever on the rear right wheel that lets you do powerslides like the Dukes version has, but it has a freakin’ HEMI engine.

I guess there was a contest to put Hemi’s into things, and this was the winner… you can see a few others here: (near the bottom, you can click a link for more media)

haha that thing is badass

HAHAAAHAH WTF…i want one

WOW…just wow
damnit i want a fun toy

hahah thats awesome

thats sweet, i need to get my daughter one of those.

power to weight…

where is the wheelie bar?

That’s cool man!! Nice find, Dan!

Wow I wonder how fast that thing is…

Sweet, I’d rock it :tup:


haha cool shit!

that guy looks like such a nerdddd though

i dont think theres anyone who doesnt look like a nerd on a 6 foot tall big wheel.

maybe it’s AWD… :biglaugh: how awesome would that be!!!

that is awesome…

Wow… that is the coolest thing EVAR

looks dumb

hey, there rockn my wheels!! :eek:

HAHAHA, I want one too, that’s awesome

and it comes with an APC seat yo!!!111oneoneone

alot of money went into those things… then what…?