The "I started a new business" thread

since many of us are fairly entrepreneurial maybe this can be a place we post our new ventures so that we can maybe help one another if it ever comes up.

at the beginning of 2018 i started a new venture with a former colleague of mine, the co-founder of CARSTAR in Canada. We’ve been hustling away all year and while things are still definitely in a start up phase the last month has been extremely busy with NDA’s and retainer agreements. We have entered LOI on what will be our first completed transaction. is the business. Our focus is professional valuations, developing the marketing package and then putting best-in-class collision centers up for sale and supporting the transactions all the way to closure.

After we close on the opportunities we have in the pipeline now I will bring the business into the US at some point in 2019.

I also have another venture brewing in the mitigation and restoration business which may create some opportunities if any of your guys are qualified PM’s or in the restoration side of things. There is activity with US based players already but nothing in NY. It will likely take a year or so before anything is worth discussing though.

Damn, that’s awesome. Good luck!!

If nothing notable shows itself in the next few years I might consider buying/opening an auto repair/refinish business. I miss doing autobody although it’s been more than 10 years since I’ve dabbled. I do have lots of program management experience, although not certified per say.

I started a ‘business’ to try to get some side work/projects, no customers yet. Basically something to point people to when they talk to me about my volvo at car shows. I’d love to be able to get people’s projects going after sitting a while or someone who needs some advice on what to do next.

It’s not very well developed but at least it’s something. Business cards to match even.

auto collision is going to be a very interesting industry in the coming years.

i can say with certainty that if you build and run a couple decent shops and can get on insurance programs there are a lot of buyers out there consolidating the industry. none of them have any presences in the NE US as of yet either.

If this is meant to be announcing forum member owned businesses, I started a motorcycle repair shop and storefront carrying high quality protective-wear, gear, parts, accessories, lifestyle clothing, etc.

City Limit Moto

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yes that is what this is for.

i thought we had one a while back but maybe i am just remembering individual threads for individual businesses.

gents, thought i would post this here as well.

In addition to each of my other ventures i have recently taken over the director’s role for this network of property restoration companies.

You may know that I do not know the first thing about restoration or construction, however, i do know about building national networks and dealing with certain corporate client groups. I also brought a small team in with me.

We are not yet looking at expanding into the US but would be happy to chat with anyone here who has any interest in these things.