The only thing better than an F40

is a fucking flat black F40!!!

so what its vinyl, what the fuck you got?!?!?!

Saw this in badass… boy thats a good spot for badass car pics…

But yeah I was thinking its vinyl. Dont want to fuck that car up.

that thing is fucking hotttttttt

looks so rugged (in a good way).

one of my favs, do want naow.

car is not flat black:

looks like Line-X

it’s carbon fiber PAUL

F40s and F50s are absolutely stunning. 2 cars that will never go out of style. This one is bad asssss

I like it…but I feel like it takes away from the car or something… Im sure Ill get flamed for this :lol

is that the real cf body, or did they wrap it?

No way. In my opinion it’s Yellow then Red, then whatever for these cars haha

quoted before PJB makes a dumb comment about them being ugly and his F-150 is superior in all ways possible.

u will never choke me!!!

Car has a Cf body stock, they just wrapped over the paint.

Legend has it, the paint was layed on so thin, you could see the weave.

just like my sisters front bumper :rofl

fucking gay to wrap a car in fake weave. gayer if it has the real weave underneath.

x 1000000

Its vinyl wrap.

If you don’t buy a red F40 you are dumb. Car has to be red.


yea, would of rather it been flat black.