The Rapid Move To All Electric (But Real Goal = No Person Cars)

found a used one for 18k.
Plus used bikes got stupid expensive.
Ive wanted a ebr 1190 for a while now and they were going for like 7-10k. Now guys want 13k

Like everything I guess trucks are $150k bikes are $26k my job is the same pay lol

Now try living on a teacher’s stagnant salary.

This is why I cook meth.


That was fast ad response


If you won’t change to an electric vehicle on your own, we’ll just…

… raise the mandatory amount of biofuel, specifically ethanol, that must be blended within the U.S. gasoline supply. The previous amount of 10% (summer blend) was raised to a year-round 15% (waiver) by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Ethanol is a valuable source of octane in finished gasoline, but it is chemically different than petroleum gasoline and cannot be used in concentrations above 10 percent in small engines — like outboard boat motors, motorcycles, lawnmowers, generators or chain saws — or in any cars made before 2001. Complicating matters further, most cars on the road today still aren’t warrantied to run on gasoline with more than 10 percent ethanol. Retail stations also must have compatible infrastructure in order to sell gasoline with higher ethanol blends.” This issue is known within the industry as “The Blend Wall.

… But maybe that’s a cynical outlook, lol.

Time to get a megasquirt ECU for the Miata I guess.

Bmw have been designed with 30% ethanol since 2018. Seems to be the case will all the European manufacturers. Only American and jap cars are decades behind.

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Awh the only real difference is seals and valve seat materials potentially if you have PFI. Its only slightly harder on the valve seats then normal gas being sprayed on them, most cars can adjust probably up to 50% E85 on their own with long term and short term fuel trims. Worse thing honestly will be cold starts on some cars not specifically tuned for it.

It will destroy the seals in small carbs tho

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I have injectors in my Z that I’ve been told for more than a decade are going to be destroyed by ethanol. No failures yet fortunately.



Says this little fag boy.

I guess they solved the problem with the grid not being able to support charging all these cars…


You’re not making a difference, you’re just making people hate you and your cause.

the movement doesn’t urge people to cut tires or their valve stems – for now.

Good way to get your face smashed in.

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Pew pew.


43 north business idea.

Rental trailers that have battery packs and solar banks to extend range of EVs.

Regenerative breaking.
Limited batteries that can be recharged at tesla stations. Edit: whats better than taking up 1 plugs at the community stations.

This may already exist, but we could surely make something auper trendy looking with high end performance.



Turned down my AC when I read that.