The Rapid Move To All Electric (But Real Goal = No Personal Cars)

Makes sense. If electric replaces everything, how are you going to keep your classic 911 effectively on the road? Maybe we’ll see other “craft” fuels pop up similar to the craft beer craze.


… about $37 per gallon. His team is working on bringing costs down to below $2 per liter.

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Always wondered about this. I wouldn’t just say classics, but any car that anyone wants to keep on the road years from now as we move away from petroleum.

I expect gasoline to be around longer than I will be, and probably longer than my kid will be.

Maybe here in NY. More likely it’ll disappear in CA. Especially when they’re doing this:

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I couldn’t care less what happens in CA.

Let it fuckin burn.

Natural gas is our best energy value!

That’s what the commercials say anyways

No more gas Hondas soon?


Yep, Japan…

No more GM gas vehicles. Diesel too:

Idk. I have a Prius prime for a cheap to operate daily. I charge at home and then at work. I drive about 15k a year and spend about $10/month on fuel. Once my kid turns 16 I’ll give it to him and buy a proper EV. My DD will always be an EV. I really like how civilized it is. Very quiet and linear. As charging gets quicker and range increases there’s no real reason to have ICE (except race car noises and boooost)

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I’m all for EVs. I think this could be one of the most exciting times in automotive design since the genesis of the auto industry. Without an engine, and depending on if/how safety regulations evolve, we could start to see some really interesting stuff. And ultimately it all leads to personal transport drones.

But EV range & charge is still blah on the consumer side. I’ll stick with my 650 miles diesel range in the mean time.

I’m really curious about a few things.

  1. Do we have the infrastructure to go all electric and have say the majority of homes charging cars in the summer while running air conditioners on a +80 degree night? I feel like Buffalo wouldn’t be able to handle it as national grid seems to chime in every summer about being at capacity.

  2. Where are we getting all of these batteries from and where will they be disposed of when they are no longer functional/unable to hold a charge?

  3. Will the mining of these minerals needed be able to keep up with the demand?

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Off peak charging will be important. In fact grid offers a discount now if you charge over night


Ask California how that’s going.


I keep talking about them as well. You want all electric cars yet you turn of the power several times a year to various locations. I mean, I guess you could purchase a generator if you live in these areas so you have a backup, but still.

Nobody is going to spend the required money on infra to make this work at scale. The gov is basically pushing an unfunded mandate to have auto makers build EV with 0 plans to handle distribution or generation.

Think of it this way look at the struggle to build out fiber access for Americans…

It’s a novelty that 2-3 bros with Teslas get free power at a handful of offices/stores wait till the number of people with EVs tips 20-30%.

Auto insurance, Collision repair, and a few other industries are going to be real intresting in most of our lifetimes when you combine a fast roll out of EV + collision avoidance tech.

Range is awful if you’re a spirited driver. My friend Brett has a Tesla 3. There’s an autocross track at Seneca Army Depot which is roughly 2 hours away (100~ish miles each way). His Tesla has a “range” of 300 miles supposedly. If he drives it to Seneca, and puts it into ludicrous mode and makes 6 runs, he won’t make it home. Keep in mind that it’s not like a drag race where your foot is to the floor the entire time. You’re basically just full throttle for a few fractions of each 50-60 second run.