The Real Christian T Newman

sprocketbash411: um, im pretty sure i dance with him every week.
sprocketbash411: :stuck_out_tongue:
sprocketbash411: we dance te same
sprocketbash411: he rules
RuBiCaNT5X: Hahahha
RuBiCaNT5X: You’re like starburst sometimes…
sprocketbash411: ???
RuBiCaNT5X: Full of fruity…

you ass. go ahead and post the part about the hot dude trying to get in my pants…

EDIT: and for the record, so all you kids know, im not gay, or bi, i’m just not super uptight like sir rubicant here. lol…

So uptight, you could put a charcoal brickette in my ass and get a semi-precious diamond in a about 3 weeks…

shut up and go back to your coke binge

No one is talking to you, fuck off…

oh, sorry then.

and i am fucking off. if i wasnt fucking off, i would be doing work, not posting here


its like talking to myself.

i should go get some help for that

ugh newman

Woah thats deep.