This guy is tougher than you.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

why can i see this being like a 5’3" 100lbs. guy also?

Holy moly, that’s insane.

whoa! :eek:

That’s unpleasant…

hoTT *two t’s, capital


I’m gonna have to raise the flag on this one. Even with as much as I’ve have to drink tonight… I still can’t believe this one…

Plus its MSNBC… they’re just about as reliable as Fox!


I’d rock that old man

ya well i punched a shark in the face, he wanted to get away but i pulled it back and said “fuck you shark”
but the water was in my mouth so it was “fuwark joo charwark”




That’s f’in fierce. :eek:

thats crazy

what a pussy ass leopard