Tial WG, Greddy BOV, Bseries Downpipe, Vibrant, Turboxs MBC, HUGE PICS SRRY

I have stuff I want to buy now and selling this stuff will help :slight_smile: I’m basically asking half of what I originally wanted so don’t bother offering less.

WG, BOV, DP sold.


Vibrant couplers good condition just a little dirty - Elbow and 2 straights 2.5in 10$

Brand new Cheap spline drive 1.25 lug nuts - free with wastegate bov or mbc. I only bought them for the tool which you can’t have.

BUMP for stupid cheap like new stuff.

I want the bov. The screw that adjusts from soft to hard is it broken? Lmk thanks

I wish those lugnuts were open…

yeah great prices on this gear

Screw is not broken I was just playing with it that’s why it’s up so high.


I sent youa pm yesterday. When can i come get it? I have cash in hand Let me know

is that MBC the one where you need to put a allen wrench in it to turn up the boost and lower the boost?

No it’s just a knob you turn. PMs returned.

mbc still for sale?