Top Gear ///M5 video

pretty impressive for a family sedan. I like the “power” button. If you’re looking to stay conservative and save on gas you turn off the power…and a touch of a button you gain 107hp, kinda like a “nos” button. except you don’t run out.

M5 power, nice vid and the car is pimp

I could probably see myself driving one, you know, if someone gave it to me.


Nice vid. That is one hell of a family sedan

The car is awesome…Holly shit that guy can drive

crazy drifting in the M Fizzle

hooly w0w, lol…

M5, I want…

that’s from the show 5th Gear… Top gear is so much better.

But anywho, that’s definitely a nice car right there

Im not going to mess with that guy on a track. That car is soo hott

what media device do you guys use to watch that? for some reason my WMP isnt working and i dont know how to change it so i cant see…