Toppdrift is hosting it’s third event for the season so far, May 20th will be the next event

Drivers $90
Spectators $10
Skid pad $25 combo $100
Nelson Circuit
helmets mandatory

Is there a plan to do full track again in the future? Also will you be selling t-shirts again?

i very much enjoy how often you are hosting these. are you going to be running at least once a month over the summer?

We’re pretty much having one every month until October, there is only one event in June tho its Friday evening event it’s 5:30-dark then back to full force for July

I’m really Hoping to make this… I’m dying to test my car.

are we starting a list, or do we just show up and pay?

Show up and pay homie

This should be interesting :wink:

Valet tires will be there changing tires all day long as well

Coverage from the event.

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Will there be another day before june 29th? Missed this one

June 21st is a evening event 5pm-dark.