trailer hitch

Wheres a good place to buy a trailer hitch for my '05 Elantra?
Ive tried these places:
UHAUL- $144(hitch)/$270 installed
Advance- $189
Tractor Supply $170
Cole- $180
Pep Boys $189

All are special order.

Go with Uhaul, but chances are youll be there awhile, I have a whole story about Uhaul and how it took 3 retards up in utica 4 hours to put it on, costing us 375 total and then after finisheing on the way home the jeep blew up 10 minutes down the raod and we sat stranded for 6 hours in utica/rome area

Thats shitty.
I actually just bought one on ebay. $137 shipped.

Ok, 1. why the fuck are you gonna tow anything with the Elantra!? :confused

Because its the only car Ive got that I can tow with. The Mustang isnt reliable enough.
The Elantra actually has a really good tow rating. All Im towing is a 440# atv on a flat trailer so it should be fine.

oh my god Paul HICK!!

Im not as bad as the guy I saw last year with a quad on the trunk of a BMW.
I use what Ive got. I cant afford a truck and dont need one other than hauling my quad.


Hyundai + Quad = Pink wheels on STI :ponder


I didnt think it was that bad. And the trailer isnt going to be on it all the time so its not permanent.

Could have gotten a DrawTite receiver for you for $140 for tomorrow.

Shit. I wish I had know that.

Do you sell any kind of wiring harness for a trailer for my car? I need one of those.

I have 2 cheep trucks around $1000.

Thanks but 2 cars is enough. I just bought a trailer this afternoon.