Uh err...

…Thanks uberhomo’s for not tellin me about the “cool” new place.

welcome :wave:

ha, sweet avatar. and yo

there is a reason we didn’t tell you, you hair stylist :stuck_out_tongue:


lol…it’s cause u are not cool enough…

Does this mean I can’t post DIY’s on this forum now? welcome.


the pointless link whore has found his way over :crap:

LOL, ya thanks i like how alotta guys changed there SN’s so they can be uber sneaky.

BTW my wife is the hairstylist.

And ya tomorrow i am trading a couple cars in so i can buy a BMW, is that cool? Am considering an EVo as a winter ride, i hear theyre decent cars.


as long as you dont post any 8 minute long videos of a slow drag mustang going to mcd’s…

I will try my best to make YOU happy sir…err mam.

lol welcome…

haha welcome to the board

If you came out once in a while, you may have heard about this place. lol Where the hell you been this summer ???


Ugh STang is BDR aint puttin any money in er this summer, and i just got my S10 back on the road. Tossin all my cash at my 4x4 project. i guess ill have to start showin up.

zip it aaron.

:rofl: owned

^^^…when i laugh at u…it means you have been ZAPPED!!!