Taken from some ricers IM profile…

Dont mess with Hondas cause theyre outta ya class
I wait till ya get beside me trying ta pass
Let ya hear tha vtec when I step on tha gas
Next thing ya know your ass is finishin last
I fix you a “Type R” burger with some vtec sauce
Youre ass will be fired cause Honda is tha boss
Is NOT called nitrious tha shit is called called NOS
You should know by now your life is a loss
Its about time you stop driving all them wrecks
Get a job at hardees and save all ya checks
Or sue KFC for falling on ya neck
And when you get paid buy yourself a Vtec

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :crap: :lolham: :lolham: :eek: :hang: :crap: :noob:

omg… lolz

haha thats been around for years, but its funny to bring it back

i love the type r burger with vtec sauce y0 :bloated:

ok i love hondas, i used to have one. but this is just assanine rofl

…Wow…That Shit was Tight!!! Not really

wow, haha (i’d put in the lol smilie but that i don’t laugh that scary)

hmmmmmm type r burger with vtec sauce. sounds delicious.

wow those were some ill lyrics y0

Icy Hot Stunnaz Write that?

that was my closet i love honda song i wrote a while back

ROFL Icy Hot Stunnaz like wut wut.

OMG that is the gayest thing i have ever read. Darwin needs to add this one to the list