we have a ton of corvettes,

As the title states we have a bunch of corvettes and sports cars that we are looking to move.If you or someone you know is looking for a summer car or just a great daily driver I will cut you a referral check.thanks in advance John Kramer716 479 1084

I see them twice a day now. Very strategic parking plan.

When I first saw the thread title I thought it meant NYSpeed had a lot of Corvettes and thought I was going to open it to see a suggested meet of sitting in chairs in a parking lot


we do have a pretty big back lot, lots of room for lawn chairs


Just a ton? So you have less than 2/3[SUP]rds[/SUP] of one Corvette?

Settle down over there.

Anything in particular?
I’m always looking for an excuse to ditch my gti.


You’ve had better.