What flashlight are they talking about?



I don’t see a flashlight…

You gotta stay away from Ebay howie, you’re trying to buy the wrong things :wink: (boobs, Evo’s) What are you doing looking at Redneck stuff anyway? :lol:


:rofl: hahha



oooooooooo me want!

I think the colors are a little femmy, which probably explains my girlfriends attraction… well either that, or the NASCAR logo.

your confused.
she wants a set of decent tits.



^ :biglaugh:

Eat some beef and maybe you’ll be able to grow some decent sized things yourself!

i think you got the whole “swallowing beef” market cornered. :kiss:

oh, wait, did i detect an inuendo? were you refering to my already overly-large penis?

EDIT: but im just kidding, we all know i have a huge box…


ZING! :rofl: :biglol:

lol at you guys and the light


:rofl: lol

all i see is something about D Cells