What the f*ck. B!tches must die...

My ex gf finds the need to alert every girl that i talk to that i am “such a scumbag because i cheated on her”.

What you fail to realize…
Why did i cheat on you?
Because you fucked my friend. Then you fucked some other scummy hippie dude. Then god knows who else, so i fucked some girl and broke up with you. broke your heart didn’t it baby. So fucking sorry about that. baby, make sure you save everyone from me. it feels good to be so righteous don’t it. mmm…

then when i ask her what the fuck she is doing…? she tells me to mind my own buisness and stay out of her life. This bitch has got to go down…

what the fuck… ranting…

I guess she really liked you alot… Oh well, expose her for the fraud that she is with your mutual friends. Are there any skeletons in her closet that you can spread? I know you don’t want to stoop to that level but it might help out…

eh, thats just it, there is plenty of dirt on her, but im not going to go contacting her friends about what a POS she is… ironically enough, last year, she was hanging out with my brother’s girlfriend’s friend (whew!) and my brother’s GF told her friend that amy was shitty and to “watch out”… so amy flips the fuck out. like FLIPS THE FUCK OUT. because it was not anyones buisness but her own… stupid hypocritical bitch. seriously. i can’t remember ever being this mad at a person before. ill probably rant alot about it for the next day or so. deal.

If there is one thing I detest it’s hypocrites. Everyone does it now and then and I don’t think it’s on purpose perse but in this case, it’s some Pot/Kettle action going on. She is more like a black cauldron that witches brew some nastiness in and you are a small grey coffee mug…

cut the bitch

steal her identity, and cancel her credit cards

place ads in the paper putting her car/house for sale or apt for rent

want more?

drift into her mailbox :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t have given her that venerial disease, I’d be pissed too!

In all seriousness, maybe you should just be the bigger person in this situation. If you sit back and let all her friends and people that shes saying shit to realize that shes a complete twat, you’d benefit alot greater than if you were to retaliate and sink to her level.

Is this the one who has the nice ass that was in your sig?


yeah, the mean part of me wants to post the nudes…


That’s what the bewbies section is for

some girls just suck

goodluck with her…lol she sounds crazzzy…tell her to just move and mind her own business

haha yea

i vote for the boobies

If bitches listened, this situation would have never been in the first place! :stuck_out_tongue:


shit in a box and leave it on her doorstep

Best idea yet!

you are the legal owner of the pics… post um up… lols

I would drag her from a jetski

i like the dragging from a jetski…by her toes :eek: